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An easy-to-use robot that needs no operator and delivers a record-breaking return on investment.

Sounds like mission impossible, but it’s not! We’ve developed an innovative solution that will turn your customers into sweet-tooth enthusiasts who will compete to see who can create the best combination of personalised ice creams.

While your customers choose between different flavours, toppings and syrups, you keep an eye on what’s happening with your new assistant from afar. With a special app, you’ll always be up-to-date on sales, stock levels, analytics and any troubleshooting.

A world innovation

Ice cream in less than a minute

Easy cleaning

Monitoring app

Professional service


The ice cream robot is powered exclusively by robotic innovation, completely eliminating the need for a human operator. Just fill the machine with materials when needed. You can be worry-free at all times, while your new robotic assistant generates excellent sales and provides an express quick return on investment.


Low risk and high returns.

Our team of development engineers strives for perfection. We will take your business to the next level!

Express return on investment.

90% of your investment is recouped in just 3 to 6 months.

Professional support and service.

A highly qualified team.

Low costs and high earnings.

Average margin of 350%

Robotic functions drive the machine.

No need for a human operator.

Plug and play.

Easy to connect to a normal socket outlet.

Machine speed = high profitability.

Average time to make a portion is only 58 seconds.

Superior design and automated technology.


Who are we?

The Future Vending Systems team brings together experts in robotics, mechatronics and the food industry. We develop fully automated machines that create an unforgettable experience with just a few clicks and attract crowds thanks to their uniqueness.

What do our customers say?

When our CEO suggested we try an ice cream robot, I was quite sceptical. I come from the food industry and I am well aware of how delicate the production and sale of ice cream are. When we received the machine, the FVS (Future Vending Systems) team gave us excellent training. We were amazed at how easy the machine is to use. I was particularly impressed with the many smart features the robot offers – besides just making ice cream. The function of automatic pasteurisation is particularly good as it prevents microbes from forming and offers maximum hygiene standards. I would like to praise the FVS team, which provided us with prompt assistance when it was most needed. We are delighted to have a new ‘member of staff’, who will be joined by four new ones in the next few days (one of them is even custom-made).
Ines Pirtovšek

Want to learn more?

We are happy to answer your questions and invite you to join the sweet revolution now!

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