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Ice Cream Robot FVS 001


Your new robotic assistant.

The most powerful robotic ice cream machine. It’s attractive and all-powerful. It defies the weather, makes work easier for your employees and satisfies your customers’ tastes. And it’s killing it on Instagram. It’s the robot that makes premium ice cream in the summer season, and high-margin hot chocolate in the winter season.

Sounds like mission impossible, but it’s not! We’ve developed an innovative solution that will turn your customers into sweet-tooth enthusiasts who will compete to see who can create the best combination of personalised ice creams. While your customers choose between different flavours, toppings and syrups, you keep an eye on what’s happening with your new assistant from afar. With a special app, you’ll always be up-to-date on sales, stock levels, analytics and troubleshooting.

Choice of flavours and toppings

Pay by card or cash

Ice cream dispensing

Topping dispensing

Add topping



Patented solutions


Technical data.

Expressly fast return on investment

Business models where you recover your investment in just a few months are rare. Check out the example of our customer who recouped their investment in less than 3 months with an average product margin of 347%!

Future vending systems

Raw materials and supplies.

When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise! Three key reasons ensure people keep coming back for more of their favourite ice cream. And that’s consistent quality, the distinct taste and the extra creamy texture. Because food technologists are an important part of our development team, we have developed the raw materials for extra creamy ice cream specifically for use with FVS machines.

The best price/quality ratio, the wide range and having products always in stock are facts that give you peace of mind and enable you to operate profitably.




Official service.


To keep your machine running smoothly, we recommend the following:


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We are happy to answer your questions and invite you to join the sweet revolution now!

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