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Frequently asked questions

  • Who are you and where are you based?

We are the experienced and innovation-driven Future Vending Systems team, bringing together a diverse range of experts in robotics, mechatronics and the food industry. The company is based in Slovenia, but you can also find our offices and representative companies in Austria, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Why choose Future Vending Systems?

Quality comes first for us. Our experts spend a lot of time on technological development and continuous improvement. At least 5 years of development and testing pass before an FVS machine is launched on the market. This is the only way to ensure the most technologically advanced and trouble-free robotic machines.

In addition to the robotic automation of the machines, we take care of many details as our development department includes industrial designers who assure that all our machines have an attractive appearance. Our sales and technical staff are always on hand to advise and assist our customers, and food technologists are constantly developing new recipes for innovative flavours and additives. You got that right: we are your one-stop shop for innovative machines and the highest quality raw materials.

  • How does the purchasing process work?

In the initial phase, we study your interest and put together the best and most affordable options for your business.

The next stage involves signing the purchase contract and information on the delivery date of our machines.

Once the machine is delivered, we offer a free induction for your employees, which also includes video material on cleaning and general maintenance of the machine.

The most advanced application for the remote monitoring of one or more machines – FVS APP 1.0 – is available.

After the warranty period (one year) we offer professional service and maintenance of the machine.

  • How do I start the machine?

Nothing can be easier, one might say. The machine works on a plug & play system, which means that you simply plug the machine into the mains and it’s ready to go. You plug the machine into regular electricity, not three-phase electricity. All settings are adjusted before delivery according to your preferences. Of course, you will also receive all the instructions for a successful start-up when you buy the machine and, as mentioned, an introduction to all the details of the machine’s operation beforehand.

  • What support do you offer?

We offer comprehensive marketing and technical support for each machine. Our technical service is available every working day from 7.00 to 15.00, with advice in Slovenian, Croatian, German and English. We offer technical support via WhatsApp Messenger and video calls, and our technical support can also operate your machine remotely.

The FVS mobile service team is also on hand to provide you with on-site assistance.

We are also happy to share with you our extensive experience of operating robotic and automatic machines. The marketing and sales team will make sure you choose the right machines and products to suit your needs. With cutting-edge analysis, innovative sales guidelines and profitable business models, we help you expand your business sooner than you might think.

  • What kind of electrical connections do I need?

All FVS machines made for the European market are designed to be plugged into a regular electrical socket and do not require three-phase current. You just plug the machine in – like any other electronic device. Machines sold to other countries have a customised electrical connection.

  • Do you also supply machines outside Slovenia?

Of course. You can also find our machines outside Europe.

  • Where can I get the right raw materials?

We have a B2B shop that offers you the most affordable and fastest solution for purchasing the most suitable and highest quality raw materials and supplies. It is important to note that FVS machines are developed in collaboration with food technologists, so we only recommend the use of FVS raw materials for the trouble-free operation of FVS machines.

We offer special payment and best price conditions for our contractual partners.

  • What about sales reports, stock tracking etc.?

We’ve developed an advanced app that allows you to remotely control your machine via your mobile phone or computer. While FVS machines work without the app, we definitely recommend it for smooth operation. The app not only generates sales reports and monitors stock levels, it also allows you to manage settings, send notifications when stock levels are low or if there are any technical issues. So that you can stay up to date anytime, anywhere!

And all this for just 1.9% of the monthly gross sales generated by your machine. If your machine generates €5,000 in sales, you only pay €95 to use the app.

  • What do I do if I have a problem or even if my machine breaks down?

By using the app, it immediately notifies you of any problem and the machine automatically stops selling. You can then immediately rectify the fault and continue selling. In any case, our technical support will help you remotely, and you will also receive instructions on how to fix minor faults, should they occur, when you buy the machine.

In the event of problems that cannot be resolved remotely, our mobile technical service is of course available to rectify the fault. Our warehouses are full of original spare parts, which we replace as soon as possible to keep your business running smoothly. We 100% guarantee the highest quality of service and provide a team of highly trained experts to keep your machine running smoothly.

  • Do the machines have a warranty?

At Future Vending Systems, we provide a 1-year warranty on your new machine, which includes free parts replacement in case there is a problem that our technicians are unable to fix.

We will take excellent care of your robotic assistant at our official service centres. We will only fit genuine spare parts that are made specifically for your machine model.

  • What maintenance is required?

To keep your machine running smoothly, we recommend the following:

  • cleaning the machine once a week according to Future Vending Systems’ instructions,
  • timely replenishment of the material,
  • checking and emptying the money changer regularly,
  • checking that the machine is running smoothly on a regular basis,
  • use of FVS raw materials and materials that have been developed specifically for FVS machines.

  • Is there a case study for your machines?

Of course. The data are the property of our customers and any disclosure without the consent of FVS d.o.o. is strictly prohibited.

In the city centre of a small municipality with only 16,000 inhabitants, a customer has installed an FVS 001 robotic ice cream machine. Interestingly, there are four different ice cream vendors within 300 metres by foot and the town is not particularly developed for tourists.

In just 4 months, the customer generated €26,006.40 in sales and recouped the entire investment in less than 3 months! In the process, they registered a 346% margin. On Instagram alone, the customer recorded over 340 shares from satisfied customers!


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